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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chick Days at Tractor Supply Begin March 2!

Don't Miss Chick Days At Your Local Store!


Beginning tomorrow March 2 through May 27, 2011, Tractor Supply will have chicks available. The chicks included are chicks, ducks, turkeys, and bantams. The breeds and selection vary by store. You can also special order on over 40 breeds!

Tips for Picking Healthy Chicks

  • Healthy chickens are active, but not too noisy.
  • If they are disturbed, they get up and move away.
  • Content chicks in a proper brooder will be under the heat lamp or near it sleeping peacefully. There will be other content chicks eating/drinking or walking around. They will usually be quiet except for an occasional peep.
  • Baby chicks should have two bright, clear eyes.
  • The baby chicks’ rear ends or vent area should be clean.
  • Beaks should be straight. If the beak tip is missing, do not be alarmed as some hatcheries trim the end of the beak to prevent chicks from picking at each other.
  • Toes should be straight.

Characteristics of an UNHEALTHY Chick

  • Chicks with cloudy or dull eyes, twisted beak, bent or missing toes or a dirty vent area should not be picked!
  • A droopy looking chick may not be healthy. If the chick is touched and responds vey little, it more than likely is not healthy.
  • If a chick is lying on its back with its legs in the air, it is definitely UNHEALTHY!
  • Chicks which pant with their beaks open are either too warm or sick. If they appear normal after they are cooled down, they should be fine. If the chicks are as far away from the heat source as possible, they are probably too hot. If they are piled on each other near the heat source and peeping loudly, they are probably too cold.
  • If the chicks are very noisy but they are not too hot or too cold and there is plenty of water and food available, then something else is wrong.
  • The belly area should not look sore and red. The chicks should not have any wounds or bloody area. A slight lump on the belly where the egg yolk was is okay.

You can find more information on how to care for your chick on the Tractor Supply website.


  1. Does the price of the chicks stay the same the whole time? Or does it ever go down? What if there are still chicks left over after chick days is over? Do they still sell them, or give them away to get rid of them?

  2. As far as I know the price stays the same. My Tractor Supply always runs out before the event is I am not sure what they do if they happen to have some left over. I am going by there today and will ask to get your questions clarified.

  3. do you have to have to have them all set up with lights or can you just have a mother hen take care of them?

  4. Are local one sell them so fast it's not much of a problem, they sell at a really good price compared to many others. When they do have some over a week they just discount those birds and they vanish very quickly. Last two years in a row at different times i was able to get week old Cornishes for a 1.00 that is a great price.

  5. If you have a broody mother hen to take care of them, then it will work, but it is best just to use the lights for them as it is sometimes difficult to get a hen to take on chicks which were not hatched underneath her! We had a broody hen last year. We actually purchased 5 fertile eggs. She hatched all of them and mothered them! None of them were hers! All were a different breed, but she never knew the difference and loved and cared for all of them just the same. I am not sure if a hen did not participate in hatching them if she would still want to be a mother to them or not! :)